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how to get started

5 easy ways to get your blog started

Where do you start? You, me and everybody else has sat in front of the mac or pc screen, looking for inspiration. You are not the only one, writer’s block hits everyone, and for the person who relies on writing for their career, it can be even more of an obstacle. Fear not, there are some great ways of helping your brain to find its gear and start the writing process. #1 Any ideas? Keep a diary of ideas. This is one of the cornerstones of productivity and it will be there for the fallow times. It’s good practice to […]

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US English

UK or US English?

Everyday Americanisms With the United States’ Independence Day almost here, I’ve been considering just how many Americanisms of the English language have become everyday words in the UK. Believe it or not, there are loads! You probably have already noticed that some familiar US versions of English words have entered our common language and have become a regular part of our everyday British conversation. Many words which we now use every day have only risen in popularity because of the growing influence of media from America. The large volume of US-made tv and film, which we regularly view in the […]

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